Teacher Quality Standard VI — Evidence #3

The evidence is explanations and examples of resources that I use to gather information when I write an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). It will include the Multiple-Intelligence (MI) surveys, CORE Reading Profiles, a parent survey, a teacher/student interview and classroom observation form, and the teacher input form.

  • Teacher Input for IEP Meeting
    I send this form to teachers to collect information about a student’s present levels in the classroom.
  • Multiple Intelligences Survey
    This is a short and simple MI survey that gives me an idea of how a student best learns. I use the information from MI surveys when writing IEPs so the general education teachers know how to engage their student’s with disabilities. This survey only has 20 questions, but it asks students to rate certain things on a scale of 1-5, which may be too complicated for younger students.
  • Multiple Intelligences Survey
    This survey is longer, but simpler than the survey above — instead of rating statements, students say whether or not they agree. I generally like to do both surveys and compare the results, especially if a student seemed confused about the questions.
  • Parent Survey
    I send this survey home at the beginning of the year and refer to it when including information about a student’s strengths and interests, or entering parent input into the IEP. If an IEP review is scheduled later in the year, I will ask parents if anything has changed before I include anything in the IEP.
  • Classroom Observation
    I created this form from a copied page out of a book that my colleague gave me called In Our School: Building Community in Elementary Schools. I  liked the questions because I have found that sitting in a corner observing a student does not provide a clear picture of classroom performance – these questions address that concern. I rephrased the questions and included them with a simple observation page.
  • CORE Profiles
    These are some examples of the profiles that I keep on each student. I use this information to share progress, levels and concerns with parents and teachers in the IEP.
  • Student Survey
    I do these surveys, or ones like it, with students at the beginning of the year. It is a nice way to reconnect after the summer and it gives me information about their strengths and weaknesses so that I can create a complete picture of students when writing their IEPs.

How Does This Demonstrate Proficiency of the Standard?

  • It shows my “ability to utilize multiple data sources and evidence to improve attainment of student academic growth” (element B). I have added several items to this list of sources since I started this job last year, including the MI surveys and the parent/student questionnaires.
  • I use everything I can to gather information and then work hard to translate it into accessible information that paints a picture of the student – one that explains their strengths, interests and learning style.
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