Teacher Quality Standard V — Evidence #4

The evidence is the surveys, forms and power point that I developed for my literacy coach course. I am sharing the tools and resources that I developed with my co-workers and administrator to find a way to improve our reading instruction as a school. I recruited a team of four teachers (three and myself) with the guidance of the school principal and together we developed a survey. The survey was sent out to the staff to gather more information about what we have and what we need for reading resources. The power point is designed to educate the staff on what to expect from a Reading Support Team. The team feels that our school needs a support team of some sort, and we are going to present this to the principal before the end of the school year. If approved, we will plan over the summer for next year’s professional developments.

Literacy Coach Power Point Presentation
Data Gathering Tools for Reading Support Team

How Does This Demonstrate Proficiency of the Standard?

  • While these artifacts began as a school assignment, they are also evidence that I am “contributing my knowledge and skills to the teaching profession” (element B).
  • I went above and beyond the class assignment and have implemented some of the resources already (element B).
  • I used the power point that I created to recruit my team and have done several additional interviews with teachers to get a feel for whether or not a support team would be welcome and needed (element C).
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