Teacher Quality Standard V — Evidence #1

The evidence is a collection of assignments that I completed for my Special Education Licensure Courses. I had the option of submitting a more creative explanation of different kinds of disabilities to demonstrate my understanding of the how the disability affects students.

Learning Disabilities
Visual Disabilities
Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities
Twice Exceptional Students

I have also included links to a great website called “Through Your Child’s Eyes” hosted by Understood.org that creates personalized simulations of what it is like to have learning disabilities in a classroom. These are helpful to understanding what a child who is experiencing learning difficulties in the classroom is going through and is a great tool when trying to advocate for a student with learning disabilities.

Through Your Child’s Eyes – Attention Issues
Through Your Child’s Eyes – Reading Issues
Through Your Child’s Eyes – Writing Issues
Through Your Child’s Eyes – Math Issues
Through Your Child’s Eyes – Organization Issues

How Does This Demonstrate Proficiency of the Standard?

  • I am contributing what I know about students with disabilities to my own practice (element B).
  • I am advocating for students with disabilities by trying to provide a different perspective (element C).
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