Teacher Quality Standard III — Evidence #2

The evidence is a link to videos on the YouTube channel that has the IACS student news casts. As well as, the application, permission, and contract that they have to sign to get accepted to news crew. I lead a News Crew, which is an after-school club that reads and writes morning announcements and produces a student led news cast every week. This club is different from some of the other clubs because of the requirements and work involved. To join, the students need to fill out an application, which includes a paragraph about why they want to join News Crew. They need to get teacher and parent permission and they need to sign a contract. I have had two teachers, so far, ask for copies of these documents for after-school clubs they would like to start.

IACS News Crew Application

IACS News Crew Job Requirements and News Crew Contract

IACS News Crew Parent and Teacher Permission Signature Page

The students that complete the above requirements are then expected to work together to write and record certain segments of the news cast. They must research their subject, write their script, record their segment, then transfer the video to the computer, and put it in the correct file. While there is teacher support, the students work as a team to create the news cast to showcase our school. Many of them not only give up an hour and a half each week, but also sacrifice recesses to be able to record and interview during school hours. I will never cease to be amazed at the quality of work, and the creativity that these students put into their news cast – some of them for all three years that I have been running it.

November 9 Student Newscast

February 8 Student Newscast

March 29 Student Newscast

April 19 Student Newscast

How Does This Demonstrate Proficiency of the Standard?

  • I am providing a unique opportunity for students in different grades to work in teams and create work that they can be proud of. Even though the club meets after school, there is a lot of learning, collaborating, and leading that happens during our meetings (element F).
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