Teacher Quality Standard I — Evidence #1

This evidence is a copy of the report provided by the district. As a Special Education teacher, one of the areas in which I need to demonstrate mastery is in my knowledge of the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) process, including the referral, evaluation, and determination steps. I demonstrated mastery of this last year, when our Special Education program was reviewed and audited by the district Special Education Coordinator. Our program not only rated excellent in all areas, but the IEPs that I had written were chosen and used as examples in district IEP training.

Comprehensive Evaluation Summary

How Does This Evidence Demonstrate Proficiency of the Standard?

  • I write all IEP goals to correlate Colorado Academic Standards (element A).
  • The data gathered when evaluating a student should be interpreted with the knowledge of what grade level performance should look like and should be discussed in relation to their peers are performing (element A).
  • Because learning disabilities are not identical in all students, I need to be able to identify, address and progress monitor any deficient areas, whether it is reading, writing, math, or social communication (elements B and C).
  • When writing an IEP or an evaluation report, my goal is to help the parents understand what their child’s needs are in the school setting (element F).
  • Another goal, when writing an IEP, is to help the parents understand what the classroom teacher’s expectations are, help them know what is relevant to their child’s education, and help them know how to support their child in school (element F).


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