Teacher Quality Standard I — Evidence #3

The evidence is pictures of “red-word” walls and a sample “red-word” lesson which demonstrate I am willing to go into another classroom to teach or co-teach a lesson on any subject. These are lessons that I have taught in other classrooms to help support the students that I know still need to be working on spelling commonly misspelled high-frequency words. This shows that I am willing to help any of my students get the support they need in any area.

Word Wall Lesson

How Does This Demonstrate Proficiency of the Standard?

  • I am tailoring instruction to fit individual student needs. I had a student who needed to work on sight words, so I asked her teacher if I could teach a lesson on “red-words” in her class (element E).
  • These lessons are designed for whole class and we create the word wall together using words that are commonly misspelled in students’ writing. The understanding is that these words will be non-negotiable in their writing, whether it is writing for math, social studies, science, or writing (element F).
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