Teacher Quality Standard VI — Evidence #1

The evidence is a letter from my co-worker, the speech-language pathologist, attesting to the number of students whom I have supported over the last few years who have shown considerable growth in their reading abilities. There are several students who I no longer need to see, as far as service time for reading, because they are now reading at grade level and even more who are showing significant growth, even though they are still reading behind their peers. We work closely on a regular basis, collaborating to support our students and the staff and advise each other when reviewing and writing Individualized Education Plans.


April 12, 2018
Sandy Campbell, MS, CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist
Independence Academy Charter School
675 29 Road
Grand Junction, CO 81504

I am writing to share some of my experiences while working with Mrs. Katie Brown, Special Educator at Independence Academy. I have worked with Mrs. Brown for three years, during which she was also completing her education and becoming a certified Special Educator. As the Speech-Language Pathologist of Independence Academy, I have had the pleasure of collaborating as a team member, and growing myself due to Mrs. Brown enthusiasm and passion for her profession.
Mrs. Brown came to me with questions related to speech difficulties and her reading plan for a kindergartener. We reviewed her materials and plan. Together we created an individual path for reading based on this child’s speech abilities or lack thereof. Mrs. Brown also employed speech techniques during his reading therapy/practice. This child has made significant gains in both reading and speech.
While working with a third grade student Mrs. Brown took responsibility for using language cues and prompts when the student continued to use a specific word to start his sentence incorrectly.
Mrs. Brown constantly uses techniques to improve reception and expression of grade appropriate vocabulary during her reading sessions with two fourth graders.
Throughout the past two years, Mrs. Brown has gathered information from general education teachers and parents for use in designing both goals and accommodations for children on an Individual Education Plan/Program. She has used extra probes and input from the general education teachers to pinpoint the child’s current level of performance on reading and math.
Mrs. Brown uses multiple resources for gathering material for instruction of her students. She often questions me about the appropriateness of reading material for students with speech and language difficulties. She takes responsibility for teaching other adults; teachers, teacher assistants, and me how she wants instruction to be delivered. She checks frequently with us to ensure appropriate delivery and methods of instruction are continuing, as the student progresses.
Mrs. Brown is a brain-stormer, collaborator, and problem-solver. She believes in her students and their ability to learn. She capitalizes on their strengths in order to improve their academic skills. Mrs. Brown also believes in herself and her ability to provide students with the necessary tools for learning. She brings out the best in her co-workers for the benefit of her students.
Mrs. Katie Brown’s commitment and passion has made a huge contribution to our school and to me personally.
If you have any questions regarding Mrs. Brown, I would be happy to comply. My email address is Sandy.Cambell@d51schools.org

Endorsement Letter

How Does This Demonstrate Proficiency of the Standard?

  • I work hard to plan effective reading therapies and to support students in the classroom.
  • I use positive language and encourage growth mindset.
  • I constantly remind my students that a learning disability does not mean you can’t learn, it means you learn differently.
  • I believe they can do it and they know I believe they can do it.
  • These actions result in “high levels of student learning, growth and academic achievement”. (element A)
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