Teacher Quality Standard V — Evidence #3

The evidence is the checklists, letters, and forms for teacher input. My partner teacher, the school’s Speech Language Pathologist, and I created checklists to be completed with every annual IEP review. They tasks listed from three weeks out to after the meeting and include everything we need to do to get ready for an IEP meeting. We also send out a letter and an input form before the meeting that asks about the student’s current levels and classroom performance. We added the letter as a friendly reminder that their input is vital for a good Individualized Education Plan.

IEP Checklist
Teacher Input Letter
Teacher Input for IEP Meeting

How Does This Demonstrate Proficiency of the Standard?

  •  I am demonstrating leadership by developing a system to communicate timely and efficiently with the members of students’ IEP teams. (element A)
  • I am gathering all necessary information to be able to do my job well and I take great care to use initials in subject lines, to not use names when asking for teacher coverage, and to protect student privacy throughout the process. (element D)
  • In addition, in an effort to collaborate more effectively, I include a very nice letter that I hope conveys my appreciation for the teacher’s input.
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