Teacher Quality Standard IV — Evidence #3

The evidence will be letters from the teachers I work with, and the principal that hired me, that will attest to the following statements. I work in a pre-K through 8th grade charter school. I have 17 students on my caseload in kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade and Middle School. Some of my students need reading support, some need math support, and some need support with executive functioning and organization. I work with music teachers, art teachers, preschool teachers, and PE teachers. I work with students both inside the classroom and outside the classroom. Our school family is both dynamic and complex, and I have responded very well to this environment.


Katie is a natural teacher.  She has the right tools and is patient and understanding of kids’ needs. She is motivated, energetic, and collaborates well with staff to the benefit of children.  I hand-picked her to work for Independence, and I believe she has a lot to offer the kids, the profession, and our school.                                 
                                                                                                             Damon Lockhart – Principal

There is always such a wide variety of needs and abilities when working with children in a classroom setting. As a teacher it can be difficult at times to provide all the interventions and direct teaching that these children need. Mrs. Brown has been an irreplaceable asset in my classroom this year when it comes to providing that support. Not only did she give me new ideas and approaches to refine my practice for my class as a whole, but also helped pinpoint what teaching and learning style worked best for a specific child in my classroom that had very high needs in reading.

Outside of my own classroom, she has helped other grade levels become successful in their learning of word work, word study, reading, fluency, writing and other subject areas. She has been a great help to the staff and students at achieving consistent growth.
                                                                                        Heather Meyer – Kindergarten Teacher

Katie Brown has been an intricate part of my word work units and lessons. She has helped me group, and differentiate for leaners, making their learning interactive and maintaining their zone of proximal development. She has assisted me in identifying phonemic gaps with struggling spellers, and has given me multiple tools to support struggling writers with a more scaffold approach. None of whom I have talked about have been my identified learners, just regular education students who need some added interventions. As for my students with disabilities, she has worked closely with me to ensure that what we are working on in class is strongly supported, while still providing them with their necessary one on one lessons, both in my classroom and in her own. She has provided me with the academic support to reach all learners.
                                                                                              Kati Bennett – Fourth Grade Teacher

In the classroom it can be hard to meet every child’s needs, that is why working with Mrs. Brown has helped our students be successful in the classroom setting.  We have worked closely throughout the year on various subject areas.  She has helped enrich students’ learning in word work, reading, social studies, and other subject areas.  I feel like we have done a great job of helping our kids to be at grade level in their learning.   
                                                                                                Eryn Rider – Second Grade Teacher


How Does This Demonstrate Proficiency of the Standard?

  • I am not only able to respond to a complex and dynamic environment, I have grown and thrived in this environment (element C). I came to this school 5 years ago as an AmeriCorps classroom aide. I have since become a person that students know, teachers trust and parents appreciate. I work to maintain my relationships with my co-workers in and out of work and do my best to remain a trustworthy employee.
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