Teacher Quality Standard IV — Evidence #1

The evidence is pictures of my CORE reading files and my student files with examples of the sheets I use to track service time.


Attendance and Service Time Calendar
Progress Monitoring Sheets

I am constantly working to improve many things about my practice, whether it is organizing my files or keeping better notes, it seems that I am always changing things to make them more efficient. Evidence of this can be found in my filing system. I need to be able to access notes, goals and progress monitoring on a regular basis because I use them so often. I use the CORE beginning, middle and end of year scores to keep track of progress, as well as my progress monitoring system that I use to track IEP goals. To be able to use these to plan lessons, they need to be readily accessible. My system allows me to do this. I use the calendar to track attendance and service time, and the progress monitoring sheets are an easy way to keep track of student goals.

How Does This Demonstrate Proficiency of the Standard?

  • I not only analyze necessary data, I have made the data accessible for myself so that I can do this part of my job efficiently (element A).
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