Teacher Quality Standard III — Evidence #5

The evidence is a video of one of my student’s training her computer to understand her voice so that when she uses the speech recognition software, the computer makes fewer dictation mistakes.

Last year, I started pushing for voice-recognition software to be used more often for writing assignments with students who have reading and writing disabilities. In this video, the student is reading a fluency passage (that she will later use during her tutoring session) and editing the mistakes that the computer hears. She is learning to read for accuracy, learning how to use voice commands, and learning to edit, all while using technology to improve her writing experience. This student is becoming more comfortable with the microphone and the speech recognition software so that when she does sit down to “write” her story, she is not overwhelmed by needing to learn how to fix mistakes, use the software, and write a story. I sit behind her and remind her of the voice commands, such as, “go to the end of the sentence” and she has some important commands on a sticky note next to her computer. Like “undo” and “open quote/close quote”.

How Does This Demonstrate Proficiency of the Standard?

  • I have integrated technology to maximize student learning (element D)
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