Teacher Quality Standard III — Evidence #4

One of my strengths is creating engaging lessons that target needed skills. This evidence is a video of a lesson that demonstrates this strength. This video shows a fluency lesson.

This student has grown tremendously as a reader, but still relies heavily on pictures when reading a new text. In addition, she does not attend to errors and make corrections when her errors affect understanding. For this student I have given her added incentive to read carefully and remember the corrections she made during the reread. There are 48 sentences in a set, we only work on 12 at a time, when she has demonstrated the above skills she gets a check-mark and moves to the next 12 sentences. When she completes a set, she earns a coin, which she can collect to turn in for a prize from my treasure chest (2 coins = 1 prize). She works very hard to earn these coins and during most sessions, she is able to complete a full set. I purchased these sets on Teachers Pay Teachers and printed, laminated, and cut them at the beginning of the year.


How Does This Demonstrate Proficiency of the Standard?

  • I ask the student to tell me what the objective is and clarify any misunderstandings before the lesson begins. (element G)
  • I know what this students areas of weakness are and how she has learned to compensate for them.
  • I have found a resource that is useful for addressing these areas and a way to make it engaging (element C and A)
  • This is an informal assessment of what this student is retaining, as well as a way to practice skills needed for reading. Because her goals are written based on accuracy, I can use this data for progress monitoring. (element H)
  • I expect 100% accuracy before she gets her check and she has stepped up by working to earn a coin every time we do this activity. (element E)
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