Teacher Quality Standard III — Evidence #1

I attended the 2017 Western Slope Abilities Conference (WSAC). It was an amazing opportunity to hear experts in my field present on current issues in Special Education. One speaker was Dr. Richard Villa, who is a huge advocate for push-in special education services and student collaboration. Here is a link to his website Dr. Villa’s Website.

Dr. Richard A. Villa

I not only bought two his books with my own hard-earned teacher’s salary, but I immediately applied it in my own school. I adjusted my schedule, which had taken me several days to complete, to have more opportunity to go into classrooms. I also shared what I learned with other teachers, showing them my books and suggesting ways to use student collaboration in their own classrooms.

My “push-in” schedule created after the WSAC
book pic
A great resource that guides teachers on using another great resource — their students!
book 2
Another wonderful resource from Dr. Villa!

The link below will take you to the brochure for the WSAC.

2017 Western Slope Abilities Conference

book 3
A list of checklists to see ensure you are using best practice for inclusive classrooms.






How Does This Evidence Demonstrate Proficiency of Teacher Quality Standard III ?

  • I am actively seeking to increase my knowledge of my field. I took 5 hours out of a valuable Saturday morning to learn how to be a better special education teacher (element C).
  • I shared my knowledge with my fellow teachers and used it to improve my own practice.
  • I am planning ways to add a lot more push-in time in my schedule next year and will find ways to team/co-teach to support my students in a general education classroom (element A).
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