Teacher Quality Standard II — Evidence #4

The evidence is my brochure and letters from the service club members to the principal that describe some of projects that we have completed. I lead a student run Service Club that meets once a week and does a variety of student created projects that help our school, community, city, and the world. We meet after school on Tuesdays and are currently involved in building a Free Little Library for our surrounding community, organizing a parent’s night out to foster parent and after school involvement, creating a proposal to get a recycling program for our school, making a calendar to raise money for our new Garden Club, coming up with different kindness challenges and fundraisers to help our school and community.

Service Club Volunteer Flyer

Service Club Brochure


service club1
A letter to the principal asking permission to get Mileage Club started.
service club 3
A letter to the principal asking to start a trash clean-up group at lunch recess.

How Does This Demonstrate Proficiency of the Standard?


  • I am demonstrating a commitment to diversity by providing a way for students to reach out to all people in our community (element B).
  • I am engaging their unique interests and strengths by encouraging them to come up with their own projects based on what they want to do (element C).
  • By leading the Service Club, I am providing students who may not have any other means of helping an opportunity to help. We are attempting to identify areas of need and finding ways to fill those areas in the school, community and country (element B).
  • Because this is a voluntary club, each student involved gets to explore their interests and use their strengths where they want to be helpful (element C).
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