Teacher Quality Standard II — Evidence #2

The evidence is the special schedule I created to be able to test all of my students in a familiar environment, while allowing them to use all necessary accommodations, and a letter to communicate this with parents. I am an advocate for my students and I work to ensure all students receive the same access to education. One area that I have worked very hard on improving is the state testing schedules and testing locations. State standardized testing is necessary and I encourage all of my students to participate, but to make it more comfortable and less stressful, I spread their testing out as much as possible. I do not test on Mondays and I do not test students more than two days a week. I also try to avoid having them test on back-to-back days. This is different from their classmates, who test on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for two or three weeks depending on their grade level.

Colorado Measures of Academic Success Testing Schedule

Parent Communication for CMAS Testing Schedule

How Does This Demonstrate Proficiency of the Standard?

  • My students need Monday to be able to adjust from the weekend, in addition, they will be testing in my room-a place they know and in which they are comfortable. (element A)
  • I am also communicating this information with the parents to put their mind at ease, and so that we can change scheduling if we need to because of appointments. (element E)
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