Teacher Quality Standard II — Evidence #1

The evidence is pictures of my classroom. My classroom is warm, homey, and inviting. I worked especially hard to create a space where children want to be and where they feel accepted for who they are. I have lots of plants, primary colors and about 15 Lego sets. In addition, I do not use the overhead fluorescent lights, I use lamps instead. And I frequently have my pet rats, Luna and Pepper, in their cage in my room. Any student that comes into my room comments on how much they like it, as do many adults that come into my room.

The items that started the whole thing — my Lego white board holder and my Lego pen tower!
hogwarts express
The Hogwarts Express Train and my rat cage. My students all know how much I love Harry Potter!
My classroom – notice the exercise balls for seating choices.





A Lego calendar and some Growth Mindset!
My Lego birds — one of my students built the blue bird; it took him many weeks to finish it and he earned “building time” by working hard during lessons.
Some of my Lego sets — I received the Beach House as a Christmas gift from one of my students.


How Does This Demonstrate Proficiency of the Standard?

  • By creating a safe space, I am fostering a positive and nurturing relationship with the students who enter my room (element A).
  • By being aware of lighting, noise and limiting other distractions, I am varying the environment for various needs (element D).
  • By having many things in my room that interest children, I am engaging with those students on a more personal level, one that highlights interests and strengths (element C).
  • By having rules and procedures discussed, pointed out, and referenced, I am creating an environment where students know the expectations and know how to follow them (element F).
My standing computer desk and personal memento board featuring letters, a signed program, and a very special poem – all from my students.
wobble seat
The much-loved “wobble seat”


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