Teacher Quality Standard II — Evidence #3

The following emails were communications from me to the parents of my students. Our school did not have Summer Enrichment during the summer of 2017 and I wanted to continue the learning that we had worked so hard on all year. 

So, I ran a summer literacy group last year for my students with disabilities to keep them learning and reading over the summer. I held the class every other week and communicated the goals, schedule and meeting times via email. One of the biggest reasons I did this was because we did not offer a summer school program last year, and I wanted parents to know that I was interested in helping them keep their children reading while on vacation.


Hello Parents,

I cannot believe that we are almost at the end of another year. I wanted to send out an email to share some information with you. First, I was able to plan a year-end trip to the library. We will be touring the library and signing up for the Summer Reading Challenge. I sent home a permission slip yesterday, please sign and return the slip on Monday if you give your permission for your child to go. I have attached the forms that parents need to fill out if you would like your child to get a library card. If you would like, please fill out and send in those forms on Monday, as well.

Next, I am going to have a Summer Literacy Group that meets for two hours every other Wednesday. We will be playing learning games and reading. And, if you are interested, I can also prepare some at-home materials for the following weeks. The dates that I have for that are June 7, June 21, July 5, and July 19. There is no charge to you, but I would like to know how many to plan for. If you are interested in the group, please let me know which dates your child would be able to come. 

Finally, if applicable, you will be getting a progress report sent home with your child’s report card at the end of the week.

Thank you so much for your support with your child’s learning! We have had a great year!

Katie Brown

Special Education Team


Hello Parents!

I hope that your summer has been relaxing so far. I wanted to remind you that tomorrow, June 7th, is our first Summer Literacy Reading Group. We will meet at the school, in my room from 1:00 to 3:00. I will have some games and books prepared. Your child can stay the whole time, or for a portion of the allotted time. Remember, there is  no charge to you, but please let me know if you are planning on coming with a quick email so that I can prepare the correct amount and types of materials.

I look forward to seeing you and your child tomorrow afternoon.

Katie Brown

Special Education Teacher

Independence Academy Charter School


Dear Families,

Hello all and I hope you are well. It is Wednesday again and we are having our reading literacy groupfrom 1 to 3 today at IACS. As usual, there is no charge to you and your child can come and leave at any time during those two hours. I hope to see you later today!

Katie Brown


How Does This Evidence Demonstrate Proficiency of Teacher Quality Standard II ?

  • I recognized a need for my students and adapted my practice to fit that need, even though it was not during the school year (element D).
  • I am aware that sometimes progress is lost, or at least halted, when they are out of school for three months (element D).
  • I also wanted to communicate this concern with the parents and offer some support for them (element E).
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